Welcome to RUNSTOP.

RUNSTOP is here to help you develop skills in home computing and hobby electronics.

We aim to provide aide in person or via this website. We are located in London GB.

This site is still under construction but please feel free to look around and sign up.

Cookie policy

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Meet up

Subscribe to our meet up on this site and receive notifications of events.

The meet up is an informal affair at cafes and bars where basic computing is introduced and discussed.

For more information read a more thorough overview here.

Get your PC online

Get a hostname at RUNSTOP's C2N domain to easily access your PC from anywhere (Eg.

Using the C2N hostname you can run multiple services over the Web straight from your PC, like: OwnCloud, Etherpad-lite, or a website using the Apache web server. You can also run DIY electronics projects and view their data on the web, for example using Telegraph.

Log events on the web

Sign up and gain access to RUNSTOP's Watchdog service.

Watchdog will allow your internet connected Pi to send messages directly to your event log here at this site.

The watchdog event log is also multi-threaded to allow commentary between you and other site users.

Read the Watchdog API guide to discover how to enable your Pi to utilise this service now.